Some of our presenters have sent handouts or PowerPoint presentations to us for anyone who would like to have them.  Please do not plagiarize this information and remember to acknowledge the authors' as the source of this information or presentation.

Marion Balla - Managing Life Transitions (PowerPoint)

Jay Colker - Treatment and Consultation Alignment (PowerPoint)

Rocky Garrison & Charmaine McIntosh - Forgiveness: A Gemeinschaftsgefuhl Skill (docx)

David Hanson - Leadership Inferiority Handout (PowerPoint) and GEMA Family Sheet (.docx)

Tim Hartshorne - TRT Section Poster

Karen John - Holding the Baby: Leadership that Inspires - and Contains Ambition and Anxiety (PowerPoint)

Mary Jamin Maguire - Working with Challenging Families (PowerPoint)

Sylvia Olney - Your Brain on Counseling (PowerPoint)

Linda Page & Patricia Kyle - Integrating our Three Brains (PowerPoint)

Alyson Schafer - Gamification - (PowerPoint)

Laura Schwartz - Our Deepest Knowing: Reconnecting to the Soul after Trauma (PDF)

Erin Schuyler - Adaptive Reorientation Therapy (PowerPoint)

Tammy Shaffer - Getting to Early Recollections Through Music (PDF)

Darien Thira - The Community is the Medicine General Manual (PDF)

Begum Verjee, R. James Little & Richard Close - Doing Social Interest (PowerPoint)