2016 Conference Handouts

Below are links to some handouts from our 2016 Conference.  These are proprietary handouts that were shared by presenters at the conference. Please respect the writers and give appropriate credit to them and to the NASAP 2016 conference where it is due.  Plagiarism is not a virtue.

Andrei, Ramona - Rewriting the Birth Story

Balla, Marion - Intergenerational Patterns

Balla, Marion - Couples Therapy

Belangee, Susan & Chaney, Michael - Types of Sexual and Gender Expression and Attraction:  A Discussion for Adlerian Practitioners - PowerPoint

Bennett, Ethan - The Forgotten Life Task: Spirituality (Poster Presentation)

Breshears, Joseph - Research Suggestions for Animal-assisted and Nature-assisted Therapy and Individual Psychology - poster - Handout to accompany poster

Brokaw, Sue; Butcher, Shirley & Tiede, Rachel - Victims of Trauma: A New Approach

Buck, Hala - References

Byrd, Rebekah and Bitter, James Robert - Human Conversations - a PowerPoint presentation

Carlson, Jon - Case of Aimee

Close, Richard - Beyond Ethical Dilemmas ppt.pdf

Colker, Jay - Treatment and Consultation Alignment

Day, Catherine Reid - Coaching through Stories

Day, Catherine Reid - Story Slices

Day, Catherine Reid - Four Mores and Pathways Overview

Day, Catherine Reid - Universal Addiction Story Slices

Ellis, Debbie Joffe - REBT Self-Help Sheet

Estey, Doone - Parents As Leaders

Ferguson, Eva Dreikurs - Parenting Styles and Parenting Training

Ferry, Louise - Anxiety in Our World

Garrison, Rocky - Lifestyle Listening Skills - ppt

Garrison, Rocky - Lifestyle Listening Skills Handout and Worksheet

Griffith, Michell & Osten-Garner, Grady - Understanding and Connecting with Service Members

Ingber, Lois - Uncharted Waters: Creating Connection in the Classroom

La Guardia, Amanda -Treatment of Child and Adolescent Non-Suicidal Self-Injury 

La Guardia, Amanda - Top 15 Misconceptions of Self-Injury

Lebovitz, Cydney & Vivekanand, Roja - Adler Learning Federation for Research, Education and Delivery of Services (ALFREDS)

LaCivita, Jennifer - Born to Connect: 2016 Conference - Journal of Encouragement

Little, R. James & Page, Linda - Systempathy Handouts

Maedel, Teal & Bitter, James - Early Recollections: The Drama Within the Mind

Markowski, Mel - Common Sense No Nonsense Short Term Stress Reduction

McDonough, Michael - The Interpretive Interview with Families

Myers, Susan - Lost and Found: From Dislocation to Connection

Nelsen, Jane & Gfroerer, Kelly - Teacher Tool Card Handouts

Nelsen, Jane & Gfroerer, Kelly - Family Meetings - 10 Steps

Nelsen, Jane & Gfroerer, Kelly - Mistaken Goal Chart

Nelsen, Jane & Gfroerer, Kelly - Parents Helping Parents - Problem-Solving Steps

Nelsen, Jane & Gfroerer, Kelly - Teachers Helping Teachers - Problem-Solving Steps

Nicoll, M. & Nicoll, W. - Putting the Pieces Together (Friday)

Noble, Joe & Thibodeau, Lori - Exiting and Excluding Behaviors in Relationships

Rader, Ben - Individual Psychology and the Critical Integration of Spirituality - ppt

Shaffer, Tammy (Walden University) - Early Music Memory Exercise

Shaffer, Tammy (Walden University) - Billboard Top Songs

Shaffer, Tammy (Walden University)  - Music and Early Recollections: Then & Now - PPT

Stoltz, Kevin - Counselor Supervision: A Lifestyle Approach

Stoltz, Kevin & Harless, Angela - Early Recollections & Career Counseling

Tekinalp, Bengu - At-Potential Students: Promoting Academic Resilience for Closing the Achievement Gap

Walton, Frank - You are invited to download the following numbered handouts from my web site:  #3;  #4;  #5;  # 14;  #18.   My website is:  drfrankwalton.com

Williams, Laura & Saxner, Robert - The Whole Picture - Working with Children and Autism

Williams, Laura - What is Autism from Neurotribes

Wetzel, Lauren - The Impact of Having a Sibling Diagnosed with Mental Illness on the Lifestyle

Zimmerman, Susan - The GEM Process to Help Clients Find Their Sparkle the Adlerian Way