Some of the presenters at NASAP 2013 have chosen to make their handouts available to all on our website.  These are materials developed BY the presenters for the conference and in keeping with intellectual honesty, please reference any use of them as from the NASAP 2013 Conference, San Diego, California with the presenter's name(s) listed as authors.  See below for the link to the files offered.  

Greg Brigman and Paul Peluso,Focus on Student Success

Jay Colker, Adlerian Psychology and Organizational Development PowerPoint Presentation

Dan Eckstein, Encouragement Classroom Research Study

Dan Eckstein, Powerpoint on Encouragement and Confrontation in the Schools

Dan Eckstein, Encouragement Structured Exercise from Pfeiffer Annual Handbook by Cooke and Eckstein

Gfroerer, Nelsen & Kern, Presentation Summary

Kelly Gfroerer, Helping Children Learn Strategies for Calming Down

Denise Hall, Disability Rising Handout

Denise Hall, SS Investigators - Maples Adolescent Treatment Centre Podcast

Denise Hall, Webpage Handout

Tim Hartshorne, Attribution and Plagiarism

Hilley and Hartshorne, Celiac Disease

Jane Nelsen,Family Meeting Handout

Jane Nelsen, Class Meeting Handout

Wheel of Choice

Wu Shu-Chen, Adlerian Teacher Training Program on Guidance

Wu Shu-Chen, Taiwanese Youths in Transition from School to Work: Perspectives on Adler's Work Task