At our 2012 Conference in Atlanta, several of the presenters chose to put their handouts on the website for others to use.  These are materials developed BY the presenters for the conference and in keeping with intellectual honesty, please reference any use of them as from the NASAP 2012 Conference, Atlanta, Georgia with the presenter's name(s) listed as authors.  See below for the link to the files offered.  

John Arnold, The Workplace, Individual Psychology and EAP

Susan Belangee & Joseph Cice, The Impact of Social Media on Mental Health

Susan Belangee & Michael Chaney, Competent Adlerian Counseling with LGBTQ Clients

Jim Bitter & Jill Duba, Externalization and Re-authoring.pdf

Jim Bitter & Rebekah Byrd, Human Conversations.pptx

Hala Buck, Reference List - Art Therapy Integration

Kathleen Cluff, Aging in America

Daniel Eckstein, Into the Woods

Dina Emser, Coaching Kids to Success - NASAP 2012

Dina Emser, Positive Discipline Tool Box - Wheel

Jana Goodermont, Breathing for Balance 2 Handout.pdf

Jane Lawther & Joseph Flood, In Sickness and in Health, Recreation for Mental Health.pdf

Judith Pinke, Identifying Countertransference in Adlerian Terms

Judith Pinke, Pinke Countertransference Model

Ben Rader, Flight for Refuge - The Plight of the Refugee

Ben Rader, Urban Youth Works Cited

Renee Segal, Judith Pinke, Kurt Gehlert, Adler and Couples Counseling

Lori Ann Wagner & Marina Bluvshtein, Perspectives on What it Means to Be an Adlerian in the 21st Century

Korey Watkins, Adventure Based Counseling: A Model for Encouragement.pdf

Fred Wilson, Social Equality and Movement.pdf

Fred Wilson, The Dance of Relationships.pdf