The Mission of NASAP

The North American Society of Adlerian Psychology's mission is to foster and promote the research, knowledge, training, and application of Adlerian Psychology, maintaining its principles and encouraging its growth.

Established in 1952 by Rudolf Dreikurs, NASAP thrives as a meeting place for a broad spectrum of professionals in fields of education, psychology, psychiatry, counseling, social work, coaching, pastoral care, business, and family education.  Another distinctive feature of NASAP is that it welcomes the active participation of parents, families, and community members.  NASAP champions the tenets of Individual Psychology through its annual conference, journals, newsletters and associated training opportunities.  NASAP builds dynamic relationships with its affiliates, organizations that help individuals connect with the ideas and practices of Individual Psychology at the local level. 

The Purpose of NASAP

The purpose of NASAP is to promote the knowledge, training, and teaching of the core concepts of Adlerian (Individual) Psychology by:

  • Encouraging research and scientific inquiry in the application of Adlerian Psychology.
  • Expanding the availability of counseling, psychotherapy, parent education and family enrichment programs based on Adlerian Psychology.
  • Publishing journals, books and other materials which promote Adlerian Psychology.
  • Developing a network of local and regional organizations across Canada and the United States who are affiliated with the Society.
  • Developing and supporting training centers, institutes and other educational opportunities.
  • Networking with other groups, associations, and schools of thought in the field of psychology and education.

Today Adlerian concepts are being used creatively in education, community programs, business and the arts, as well as psychology and other mental health programs.