Section Representatives

Adlerian Counselors & Therapists

Section Reps:  Kathy Cluff and Charmaine McIntosh


Section Reps: Irina Maria Cromer and Christine Watkins

Family Education

 Section Reps:  Beverley Cathcart-Ross and Rob Guttenberg

Professional Clinicians

Section Reps:  Marion Balla and Monica Nicoll

Transformative Leadership & Change

Section Reps:  Jay Colker and Maya Vujosevic

Theory, Research & Teaching

Section Reps: Jon Sperry and Korey Watkins


Affiliate Representatives


Adler Graduate School (MN)
Marina Bluvshtein and Jana Goodermont


Adler University (Chicago)
John Roman Quiles

Adlerian Psychology Association of British Columbia (APABC)
Jim Skinner
Vancouver, B.C.


Alfred Adler Western Canada

Susan Burak
Vancouver, B.C.

Arizona Society of Adlerian Psychology

Joyce Devoss
Tucson, AZ

Central Pennsylvania Society of Adlerian Psychology
Patricia Post
Lebanon, PA 


Florida Adlerian Society
Tom Butts
Tampa, FL
Georgia Adlerian Society
Jody Housker
Atlanta. GA
Michele Frey
Dallas. GA 
Indiana Society of Adlerian Psychology

Jenny Seiss

Betty Haeussler
Lanham, MD
Mid-Atlantic Adlerian Psychology Society (MAPS)
Rob Guttenberg
Kensington, MD
Parent Encouragement Program (PEP)
Marlene Goldstein
Silver Spring. MD 
Puget Sound Adlerian Society
Ann Skutt
Seattle, WA
South Carolina Society of Adlerian Psychology

Irina Maria Cromer

Western Pennsylvania Society of Adlerian Psychology

Patricia Walton Donalies