Section Representatives

Adlerian Counseling and Therapy
Section Reps:   Amy Wold

Section Reps: Kelly Gfroerer 

Family Education
Section Reps:  Joe Cice

Professional Clinicians
Section Reps:  Candace Sneed and Dylan Camacho

Transformative Leadership & Change
Section Reps:  Begum Verjee

Theory, Research & Teaching
Section Reps: Bengu Tekinalp and Jennifer Williamson


Affiliate Representatives


Adler Academy of Minnesota

Marina Bluvshtein

Adler Graduate School (MN)
Jana Goodermont


Adler Graduate Professional School & ALFREDS 

Roja Vivekanand 
Toronto, ON


Adler University (Chicago)
Marina Bluvshtein 

Adlerian Psychology Association of British Columbia (APABC)

Jennifer Lee
[email protected]

Jim Skinner
Vancouver, B.C.


Alfred Adler Western Canada

Susan Burak
Vancouver, B.C.

Arizona Society of Adlerian Psychology

Joyce Devoss
[email protected]
Tucson, AZ

Florida Adlerian Society
Tom Butts
[email protected]
Tampa, FL
Georgia Adlerian Society
Jody Housker
[email protected]
Atlanta. GA
Michele Frey
[email protected]
Dallas. GA 
Indiana Society of Adlerian Psychology

Jenny Seiss

Becky LaFountain
Eva Dreikurs-Ferguson


Idaho Society of Individual Psychology
Tom McIntyre
Boise, ID

Kentucky Tennessee Society of Adlerian Psychology (KTSAP) []
Sarah L. Hagan
Bowling Green, KY
Mid-Atlantic Adlerian Psychology Society (MAPS)
Rob Guttenberg
[email protected]
Kensington, MD


Milwaukee Affiliate for Social Living
Ben Rader
Milwaukee, WI


Ontario Society of Adlerian Psychology
Charmaine McIntosh - Brampton, Ontario
Parent Encouragement Program (PEP)
Patti Cancellier 


Penn-Del Affiliate

Betty Lou Bettner 

Positive Discipline

Kelly Gfroerer

Puget Sound Adlerian Society
Ann Skutt
South Carolina Society of Adlerian Psychology

John Arnold 

Taiwan Adlerian Psychology Association
Julia Yang
Flossmoor, IL
Western Pennsylvania Society of Adlerian Psychology

Patricia Walton Donalies