NASAP Committees

NASAP has many committees available that assist in the progression of NASAP. If you have any experience or interest in any of the following, please consider joining a committee to help our society grow and flourish.

If you're interested in one or more please complete the interest survey HERE or contact the NASAP Office.

Finances and Grant Administration

The Board Committee on Finance and Grant Administration shall be responsible for setting the budget, applying for various grants and other funds as seem appropriate and administering all finances, grants and special funds of NASAP. Any recommendations by other committees which have a bearing on finances must be submitted to this committee for review.This committee shall also be responsible for developing and recommending personnel policies for central office staff.


Conventions and Meetings

The Board Committee on Conventions and Meetings is responsible for recommending policy regarding the Annual Meeting/Convention and Workshops and other training venues.


Public Relations
The Board Committee on Public Relations is responsible for making recommendations regarding promotion, expansion, growth and development.


Education and Professional Development
The Board Committee on Education and Professional Development is responsible for maintaining accreditation, certification and professional standards intraining activities. They shall also be responsible for development and evaluation of educational activities.


Publications and Theory Development
The Board Committee on Publications and Theory Development is responsible for recommendations regarding scientific development of theory and practice in Adlerian (Individual) Psychology, the Journal, the Newsletter, and other publications that NASAP may choose to establish from time to time. This Committee shall be responsible for maintaining scholarly standards in the printed magazines and publications of NASAP and recommendations of editors to the Board.



The Board Committee on Membership is responsible for making recommendations regarding dues, membership benefits and membership development with special attention to social equality issues.



The Board Committee on Ethics is responsible for promoting ethical behavior among NASAP members.


Long Range Planning Committee



Our Task Forces include:

Research Task Force
Social Justice Task Force