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President Timothy Hartshorne

Tim President




Tim Hartshorne is a professor of psychology, specialized in school psychology, at Central Michigan University. His doctoral degree is from the University of Texas at Austin, where he studied with Guy Manaster. He has been a member of NASAP for over 40 years. He has done two tours on the COR for the TRT section, he was the first chair of the NASAP Ethics Committee, and for years he was the reviewer of poster presentations. He was elected Vice President of NASAP in 2018, President-Elect in 2019, and became President in June, 2020.

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Past-President Susan Belangee

Susan Belangee





Susan Belangee has been a member of NASAP since 1999 and served as Co-Managing Editor of the Journal of Individual Psychology while a doctoral student at Georgia State University. After graduation she served two terms as Treasurer of NASAP and also served as the NASAP Newsletter Editor.  Her most recent activity has been to serve as the coordinator of the Emerging Leaders Program, which she originally proposed a couple of years ago.  Susan is an innovator and very concerned about serving the members of NASAP.  She was a faculty member at Holy Family University and just recently moved to Georgia.  She now serves on the Core Faculty of the Adler Graduate School's Online program from her new home in Georgia. Susan is also currently serving as Executive Director half time.

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Vice President - Hallie Williams

Hallie M. Williams Sr is the current Vice President of the North American Society of Adlerian Psychology (NASAP). Hallie’s vision for NASAP is to work toward increased membership, more diversity, and better participation from current members. Hallie is originally from Savannah, Ga but currently lives in St. Paul, MN. Hallie is single and has 3 children: 2 sons and 1 daughter. Hallie’s free time is spent on family, fitness, and friends.Hallie is a Clinical Psychotherapist and a graduate of Adler Graduate School in Minnetonka, MN. He is also a current doctoral student at Liberty University. Hallie’s community work includes presentations regarding organizational, educational, and social psychology and his main clinical focus and passion surround trauma and mental illness as it pertains to at-risk youth and their families and the trauma surrounding US veterans. Hallie is also interested in the dissonance experienced by young people from mixed families. Hallie has previously held many leadership and management positions to include Director of Operations, (a software company), and Vice- President of Unlimited Mortgage Company. Hallie is also a veteran of the US Army. Hallie is been involved with many non-profits. Hallie has served as Executive Director of Squared Away Youth, a non-profit designed to use sports as a cohesive agent while facilitating the delivery of services to young people that will better allow them to be more successful in life. Hallie has also served as the primary facilitator of the Juvenile Detention Alternative Initiative, a program designed to be an alternative to juvenile detention.

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Secretary - Elaine Carey

Elaine Carey






Elaine L. Carey is a graduate of Adler University, Chicago of the doctorate in clinical psychology. She currently works at Purdue University Northwest in two offices, the Disability Access Center and Counseling Center, to finish the requirements of her post-doctoral residency. Her passion for Adlerian Psychology began well before she knew of Alfred Alder when she was a special education teacher. The concept of Gemeinschaftsgefühl (community feeling) was a foundational concept she used in her classrooms and interventions with students with special needs, high achieving students, and the community at large. She enjoys the transition to a career college counseling and enjoys working with the student population. Her hopes for NASAP and goals as NASAP Board Secretary are to increase membership, expand understanding of Adlerian psychology outside of NASAP, and create social justice initiatives that are rooted in the Adlerian way.

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Treasurer - LeAnn Heimer




Section Liaison - Candace Sneed

Candace Sneed has been a member of NASAP since 2014 and has served as Editor of the NASAP Newsletter for the past year.  Candace has also served NASAP through her work as the Professional Clinician's Co-chair from 2016-2019, serving on the NASAP President Elect Nominating Committee, and providing panel and individual presentations at various NASAP conferences.  Her most recent activity has been her service as chair of the NASAP Committee of Publications and Theory Development in its beginning stages. Candace has a passion for service and a love for mentoring and encouraging up and coming NASAP professionals to use their own gifts and talents for service. While Candace enjoys the opportunity to mentor, she also seeks out the opportunity to learn and be mentored. She is the spouse of a US Air Force Chaplain and the mother of two children and holds an appreciation for all things holistic. Candace is a Licensed Professional Counselor serving her clients through telemental health. Candace will graduate with her PhD in Counselor Education and Supervision in December 2020, completing her dissertation under the guidance of her chair, Dr. Richard Watts.


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Affiliate Liaison - Charmaine McIntosh

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