Several years ago NASAP published a collection of handouts that appeared in various newsletters, including our own.  The title was An Adlerian Resource Book.  Below are articles from that first Adlerian Resource Book.  Please reference them according to the author of each article with the source being this webpage:

Paul Berghoff, A Memorandum from your Child - P Berghoff.

Cripps, Tuites & Blockinger, Developing Self-Confidence Self-Reliance in the Pre-School Child

Dan Eckstein, Courage and Fear

Eva Dreikurs Ferguson, A Summary of Adlerian Fundamentals

Barbara Fairfield, A Baker's Dozen of Encouragement Ideas

Bronia Grunwald, A good school_what to look for by Bronia Grunwald.pdf

Rob Guttenberg, Developing Responsibility with Adolescents

Linda King, Communication Skills with Teens

Family Education Center of Delaware, Coping with Parents _ Advice to Teens

Cameron W. Meredith, Difference Between Encouragement and Discouragement

Jane Nelsen, Positive Discipline Guidelines

John M. Platt, Letters of Encouragement from Teachers to Parents

PEP, Positive Phrasing by PEP

John F. Taylor, Helping Children Conquer Fears

Frank Walton, Some Suggestions to Help Child Care Workers 

Thank you to Betty Lou Bettner for her hard work as editor on this project.