Affiliate organizations are the grass roots level of NASAP.  Our mission is to "foster and promote the research, knowledge, training, and application of Adlerian Psychology".  That's hard to do on a continent as large as North America. We have developed Affiliate Organizations in an attempt to bring NASAP closer to home for lots of people who want to learn about Adlerian Psychology.  Our Affiliate Organizations hold meetings on a regular basis (some monthly and some annually) and provide a local home for NASAP.  They cooperate with each other in providing training and Adlerian materials and help promote activities in their area that will foster the use of Adlerian principles. The following Affiliate Organizations are currently active in NASAP.  Most of them have a website and a liaison person to contact if you are interested in more information or in joining them. 

Affiliate Organization Membership

If you would like information about becoming an Affiliate Organization of NASAP, please click here for more detailed information about the process.  NASAP Affiliate Membership.pdf

Affiliate Growth Fund

If you are an Affiliate Organization and want information about the Affiliate Growth Fund, designed to help Affiliates grow, download the information here.  Affiliate Growth Fund Info.


Adler Academy of Minnesota  []
Ruth Katz
Rindie Eagle

Adler Graduate School (MN)     []
Amy Wold
Jana Goodermont

Adler Graduate Professional School of Toronto
Begum Vergee

Adler Korea
Julia Park

Adler University Center for Adlerian Practice & Scholarship [] [CAPS]
Marina Bluvshtein

Adlerian Psychology Association of British Columbia (APABC)]
Jennifer Lee

Adlerian Psychology Association of Iran (APAI)
Hamid Alizadeh

Adlerian Society of  Arizona 
Joyce DeVoss
Tucson, AZ

Adlerian Society UK Institute for Individual Psychology
Yvonne Pritchard

Alfred Afler Institue in Suisse Romande []
Jinger Hayes

Alfred Adler Western Canada Society
Susan Burak

Vancouver, BC

ALFREDS (Adler Learning Federation for Research, Education & Delivery of Services) []
Marion Balla

 Florida Adlerian Society     []
Nicola Haddak
Tampa, FL

Georgia Society of Adlerian Society      []
Jody Housker
Atlanta. GA
Michele Frey
Dallas. GA 

ICASSI (International Committee of Adlerian Summer Schools & Institutes)   []
Becky LaFountain
Eva Dreikurs Ferguson

 Idaho Society of Individual Psychology
Tom McIntyre
Boise, ID

Japanese Society of Individual Psychology
Makoto Kajino

Kentucky Tennessee Society of Adlerian Psychology (KTSAP) []
April Crabtree
Bowling Green, KY

Mid-Atlantic Adlerian Psychology Society (MAPS)     [
Christine Watkins
Tim Sebian-Lander

Milwaukee Affiliate for Social Living
Ben Rader
Milwaukee, WI 

Ontario Society of Adlerian Psychology []
Charmaine McIntosh
Brampton, Ontario, Canada 

Parent Encouragement Program (PEP)   []
Lynne Ticknor
Silver Spring. MD 

Penn-Del Affiliate of the Individual Psychology of Alfred Adler
Inna Pavlova-Rosenfeld
Thornton, PA 

Positive Discipline Association  []
Kelly Gfroerer
Atlanta, GA

Puget Sound Adlerian Society   []
Jenny Hsieh
Seattle, WA

South Carolina Society of Adlerian Psychology  [
John Arnold
Lindsay Hill

Taiwan Adlerian Psychology Association [] []
Julia Yang Blagen,

Aurora, Colorado

The Adlerian Network
Minnetonka, MN

"Whats The Story?" Life Style Narratives Study Group          
Les White
Chicago, IL